SmartCare Center. Hygienically clean your shaver, remove hair and skin particles.

SmartCare Center

Use SmartCare Center after
every shave.


At the intuitive touch of a button, your shaver is hygienically cleaned, lubricated and charged for maximum convenience.


The Braun cleanig solution keeps your blades in top condition, for a shaver that feels like new everyday.


High energy lubricates maintain shavers blades for a shaver like new everyday.


The shaver is automatically dried at the end of the cleaning cycle, so it´s ready to use again.


SmartCare Centers¹ come with up to 5 functions, including intelligently selecting your shavers cleaning programme.

For a shave like new every day.

Clean. Renew. Refresh.


Braun cleaning solution hygienically cleans, removing residual hair and skin particles.


Solution lubricates blades ensuring cutting efficiency.


A lemon-fresh formula ensures every shave is a refreshing experience.


Braun CCR cartridges are 100% compatible with ALL Clean&Charge stations.

Use SmartCare Center after
every shave for a performance
like new every day.

¹ Some functions limited to selected SmartCare Centers.

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